Welcome to the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

A Water Quality Project for Lake Scugog

“The lake is why we chose to live here!”

Lake Scugog

The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP) will enhance the natural beauty Lake Scugog, filter incoming water by an engineered wetland, and create a lovely walking trail.

The LSEP will create a four acre wetland designed to absorb the unwanted contaminants coming into the lake from unfiltered runoff that originates from urban Port Perry. To contain the wetland and permit this natural filtration, a berm with a walking trail will be built from Palmer Park Beach to the point at Vos’ Independent Grocers.

In addition, 17 acres of the Port Perry Bay and the municipal boat launch will be dredged. Dredging will deepen the lake and remove invasive plant and algae growth with a resulting increase in wave action to further cleanse the shoreline.

There are many economic, environmental, recreational and social benefits to the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project.

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We are pleased and grateful that Scugog Township is spearheading this project, along with Kawartha Conservation and of course the Scugog Lake Stewards.


Main Partners:

partner logos: Twp of Scugog, Kawartha Conservation, Scugog Lake Stewards